About Us

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What is Code For All

CFA is an entity that improves children’s technological knowledge. At its core, the purpose of CFA is to meaningfully engage with youngs students and equip them with basic technology and coding skills in order to spark a passion for coding.

We are a service organization operating at Singapore American School and provide our services with different organizations. Please contact us if you are interested to work with us or have any questions

Our Goals

Engaging Meaningfully

Sparking Coding Passions

Providing Life Skills


The mission of CFA is to provide a platform dedicated to empowering young kids with computer science/coding skills. Additionally, CFA aims to spread awareness about the problem of the digital divide.

Our Team

Damian Chng

President / Founder

Richard Bae

Vice President / Head of Tutoring

Ethan Ko

Vice President / Head of Fundraising

Shiven Kunal

Vice President / Head of Curriculum

Leo Li

Vice President / Head of Finance

Lauren Ah-Hot

Officer / Co-head of Tutoring

Kangmin Kim

Officer / Co-head of Curriculum

Benjamin Cheong

Officer / Head of Editorial